.pose for me, please.


.sexiest thing a guy can wear.

Yes that's right. Jeans. Not just every day kind of thing. No shirt, no under garments, no socks...just jeans. THAT'S fucking sexy.

images taken from terra, the boy, mostbeautifulman.com, and abercrombie.


the hair...

i love me a boy with shaggy hair. perfect man...6'4, dark shaggy hair, blue/green eyes....mmmm...otherwise known as tom welling...the boy at the bottom.

if you like him, i reccomend season 4 of smallville...he's naked a lot.


my world of fantasy...

i love this boy. meet trevor. i love the pic in the jeans...i think that's super sexy. he has a great cock. nice to suck and ride. wish i had me a boy like him.